How to dress in summer

I have been fairly good this summer when it comes to dress code. I have mainly been wearing some silk floral prints and laces that have mostly been for sure.

I acquired this Every Pretty dress here a week ago. After I first viewed it around the hanger I just completely fell in love with it. It immediately attracted me and made me feel the urge to put it on at once. As soon as I put it on I began to second guess the pattern being too busy. I couldn’t determine whether it was awesome and classy, or too wild and weary for my style and situation.

Ever Pretty Double V-neck Chic Summer Empire Waist Mini Party Dress
Ever Pretty Double V-neck Chic Summer Empire Waist Mini Party Dress

And so the searched went on and when I texted my mom, and requested her opinion it was an easy choice. Mom’s somehow know more about you than you think they do. She agreed and so I went for it. When I arrived home I started to think if I had seen some other dresses at that store but then I looked into my wardrobe and realised that I have a lot of clothes to wear this summer. Not even the slightest chance that I will need anything else. Apart from maybe some good looking high heeled shoes. That have pattern and color I think are fun to put on.

What about an extra perk? There is a little room for baby bump growth, and so I might just have the ability to show up in a new style and fashion with the finish from the summer time. Need the correct number? Or time dress? That one is certainly mine. I’ve already put it on a couple of occasions, but have to resist when the temperature starts to fall below 75 levels.

Summer is a time to dress well and light, I love light dresses and if I would have any control over the weather, I would have sunshine every day. Then I could show off my clothes in a more proper way. Heavy outfits don’t complement my looks very well, so I stick with thin and light.

Check this site out for more ideas about summer dresses:

Designer Wedding Shoes

Ever since I got involved with wedding shoes, I’ve been the girl that has so been longing for a fancy, fun and comfortable wedding shoe. I like to dance and find myself often dancing in front of the mirror at home. In my wedding preparation I found these sexy white-colored-minitoo stilettos who I must stress took my breath away in terms of a sudden heartbeat. Those kind of shoes makes your heartbeat go up and you just feel like dancing until morning when you put them on. One step at a time you flow through the air on those good heels. I’m not very tall so these heels help a lot in making my height a little bit more sincere.

Locating the wedding shoe of you dreams can be, at least sometimes, a very daunting experience. Searching and searching for the correct wedding shoe is like searching for simple solution. The design of the shoes can be from comfortable to traditional, dyeable to designer, bridal to wedding, footwear to lace, endless styles and possibilities. Brides usually start to look well before there wedding, putting hours into finding the correct shoes.

But after many nights of searching through different wedding websites you limp home on your toes alone, straight into bed in hope you will dream of where to find the perfect pair of shoes for your wedding. I dreamt my wedding would be different. I dreamt I was floating down the aisle on pair of shoes from heaven. Dancing my feet out, and hugging visitors goodbye with sure-footedness. In keeping up with my promise, I used each one of those shoes for as long as I could. Not letting the moment go.

But I bet these would fit well with my ability to dance. No heel, no sore ankle, just pure comfort:

Solemates Purse Pal Foldable Bowed Ballet Flats w/ Expandable Tote Bag for Carrying Heels
Solemates Purse Pal Foldable Bowed Ballet Flats w/ Expandable Tote Bag for Carrying Heels

It had been well worth the comfort: The Ten pairs below passed the exam of the full day’s workout, including jumping, dancing and sitting. Staying cosy is very importan, because putting these on using the laces included is something of a icing on the cake in your wedding. Well worth the experiment, highly encouraged and so easy to do.

If you are looking for the wedding shoes of your dream. The Wedding Shoes is a good place to begin the search.

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